Not what I might usually write about, but I’ve been so involved in the upcoming election this year as I’m working in a council’s elections team as part of my work placement (for a sandwich degree), that I’ve been so immersed in the whole process and I really feel that everyone that is registered to vote in this election should do so! It’s been everywhere for months, you cannot get away from it when you put the TV on, so I would hope most people have a basic idea of who’s who and of their preferences.
What to do
Go along to your polling station on Thursday, (if you don’t know where it is you can phone up your council and ask or maybe just ask next door if they know where it is) tell the staff your name and address and if you’re registered they will give you your ballot paper and off you go to the little booth to vote. It’s very simple.
Young people really need to start taking more of an interest and bothering to vote, even just to show that you will use that power and therefore the politicians should be trying to win you over when they propose new policies, so in that respect you could vote for anyone. Or spoil the ballot paper if you really have no preference. Just make sure that ballot paper counts for something! Get involved.
I was happy to see a quick video from one of my old faves Jimmy0010 telling people to vote. DO IT PEOPLE 🙂 It’s an event, it’s exciting, it’s for the next five years! Probably, maybe.

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