Primark, Boots, Superdrug Holiday Inspired Haul

I know, I’m out of control. I buy something every weekend yes, but most of this was stuff I obviously desperately needed for holiday.


I bought a few mini toiletry bits that I may or may not take with me. They’re only £1 each so not breaking the bank! I’m traveling cabin bag only so I’m going to have to be so selective. I got the little pots so I could decant any of my favourite creams in them if I want to.
The makeup sponge was £1.50, haven’t used it yet but I wanted to see if a sponge applies any nicer than fingers or a brush! The makeup bag was £4, it has a hanger and two plastic compartments so great for putting everything in one place. It’ll be much easier to control how much makeup/skincare/haircare I take if I restrict myself to just filling this! I have the liquid restriction to stick to as well, don’t know how I’ll manage lol.
White laser-cut detail top was £5 and well, it’s a white top, you can’t go far wrong. The white dress was £13… I’m still a bit on the fence with it. It’s quite floaty and girly and princessy, which I thought I liked… But I’m not so sure. I’ll probably keep it mainly as I can’t be arsed to take it back. It looks fine, just not my perfect white summer dress.
I am however in LOVE with the sandals. I just think they’re lovely, a nice nod to the snakeskin lovin’ that seems to be around at the moment, and very comfortable actually. And only £4, amazing. They had them in tan brown also.
I stopped by Boots for some makeup bits. I wanted a long lasting foundation in a tube to withstand some heat and be travel friendly. I used Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation years ago, and I remember it being really good. I can’t remember why I stopped using it, but I picked it up as a reliable choice instead of trying something new.
Two new products I picked up though are from Seventeen. My Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is running low, but as usual I couldn’t find it anywhere in stock in Fair, so I went for this Seventeen Stay Time offering. I also don’t own a pressed powder, as I use loose, but again for the practicality of traveling I thought I’d buy a cheapish one and hope for the best. I picked up the Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder in Natural Fair and the fact it has a mirror gave extra travel points!
The Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturiser is something I used for YEARS when I was a bit younger. It was amazing, I literally noticed how when I would stop using it I would get more spots. I think I abandoned it when I had more money to spend in the view that more expensive meant better. It also is probably not hydrating enough for my skin, however in my time of need and skin in a crappy period, I am hoping this teenage savior can become my 20’s savior!
Lastly, these sunglasses were a nice surprise! I never think of Boots for sunglasses, but I had a browse and I loved these! I’d been toying with some from River Island but these ones are much nicer so I’m glad I refrained. Unfortunately I can’t find a link to them on their website, but they were own brand and £15.


Just some basic things from Superdrug. I bought some plastic 100ml bottles for traveling, and I saw the toothbrush holder and thought ah, that’s a good idea! I will attempt to wax my legs before I go, but every time I’ve tried before it’s been a massive fail. We’ll see. I bought some coconut oil as everyone’s raving about it, I don’t quite know what I’ll do with it, but I’ll give it a try.
If once I’ve starting using things anything is outstanding, I’m sure I’ll give an update! I’ve been collating a bag of empties as I seem to be finishing lots of things at the moment, so I might do a post on them soon 🙂
All the best,


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