Primark Haul

I went into my nearest Primark in the hope of finding two specific items. Naturally, you cannot leave Primark with only what you went in for. There are such treasures to be found.

The said specific items were these. Bambi make up bags. The small one was £3, and the larger one £4. I didn’t need both, but I had to have them both regardless.
I’m very happy with the things I got. I’m newly getting into maxi dresses/skirts, I thought I was probably too short for them but the striped one is a good length for me, and has two side slits which I love.  And the suede effect skirt is very on trend and looks quite sophisticated and grown up because of the fitted, pencil skirt style
Sorry that this is a bit lazy, I would have liked to have shown all the pieces on but it’s such a task when you’re taking the pictures yourself and the lighting in my room is awful on these grey, rainy days! Cannot believe this is supposed to be July, the weather has been crap. I hope August is better.
Best wishes,


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