Look Fantastic Purchases + July Beauty Box

I ended up perusing the pages of LookFantastic.com. The catalyst was that I was getting closer and closer to giving in to my urges to purchase Kendall Jenner’s Restless lipstick in collaboration with Estee Lauder. That happened. But it hasn’t arrived yet. I ended up spending a small fortune on a few other products while I was on the site… As you do. But by doing this I had apparently qualified for a free Look Fantastic Beauty Box for the month of July by spending over £40, which was a nice little extra!
I wanted to try out some glycolic acid products, so I took advantage of a deal to get “Alpha H Perfect Partners”, where you get the cult status Liquid Gold with the Balancing Cleanser for the price of Liquid Gold on its own basically! I have tried Liquid Gold only a couple of times so can’t say much on it but it did make my skin feel nice and soft. I hope in time by using some glycolic products I can eliminate some of the marks on my cheeks left behind by spots.
I also bought the Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer. I have tried this a few times and I was a bit undecided on the first use. It is very shiny and shimmery on its own and could make you look greasy if you use too much, it surprised me how thick it was but I like that about it, it’s not all dribbly and watery. I’d say one pump distributed over the face is enough, then put your base on as normal. After a few uses I’ve kind of figured out the best way for me to use it. I put it above my cheekbones/under eyes, a bit on the nose and chin and a bit on the forehead and do my base as normal, and it did give me a nice glow! My boyfriend actually said on the day I’d applied it “Can I say you are glowing today?”! :O It can’t have been anything other than this so for a guy to notice it and comment on it it must be pretty good right?!
I haven’t tried any of the beauty box products yet but included within it were sample sizes of:
If you wanted to purchase any full sizes of these products you can use the code JULYBEAUTY for 20% off them on LookFantastic.com!
Best wishes,

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