Empties with Mini Reviews #2

The empties bag was overflowing once again so here’s my second installment! You can view my first one here. I get great satisfaction out of finishing products, I like to finish pretty much everything, even if it doesn’t work particularly well, there’s always a use for it! A crap face moisturiser as a hand cream for example, I don’t like to waste anything.


Would I buy again? Hmm probably not
My eyes aren’t exactly a problem area for me, I have slight dark circles (doesn’t everybody?!) but my main aim with an eye cream is to provide hydration and protect against the elements. It is a gel like formula that is nice and cooling, the effects were never going to be dramatic, but I would like an eyecream with SPF in future, and maybe a more nourishing one for night time.
Would I buy again? Quite possibly
I actually did a whole post on this a few months back (click here for that), but with my new appreciation for SPF since then, I think it’s quite possible I would repurchase this again as a day moisturiser. But my addiction to trying new products may delay that.
Would I buy again? No
Another trial and fail of a spot treatment. I thought it was a reasonable price for a high end brand that could actually work, but it didn’t really make any difference to my spots, centred predominantly on my cheeks and chin. I think a lot of it is scarring from previous spots which probably is making me think my current spots are worse than they are… Regardless, spots or scars, I want them to go 😥
Would I buy again? Probably not… But it is cheap so…
This is one of those oily eye makeup removers, which I kind of like because they make your eye area feel sooo silky and soft. However, I don’t think they’re the most effective. It did get all my eye makeup off, eventually, but you do have to hold it there for a while and repeat to get it all off. Not exactly a quick fix.
Would I buy again? Yes, already have a new pot!
I really enjoyed using these and felt that they did do good for my skin. The idea of glycolic acid can sound a bit scary, but I honestly didn’t react badly to these whatsover, I use them most mornings and nights as a toner product. I feel they have slightly helped scarring on my cheeks due to their exfoliating element, however there’s still a long way to go before I can claim ‘clear’ skin! I really recommend these and they are more budget friendly than some alternatives on the market.
Would I buy again? Yes
A no-thrills hair removal cream that does just that. I buy this usually from Savers or pound shop type places as you don’t really need to pay more the £1 for this stuff! I use it every few weeks on my arms as I just feel nicer when my arms aren’t hairy! They’re not exceptionally hairy, but I do have dark hair so it’s fairly noticeable (to me anyway) so I just remove it with this every now and then.
Would I buy again? Hmm maybe
I ended up with loads of these at Christmas time in gift sets etc, so I’ve been working my way through them. As always with Soap and Glory, the packaging and name are adorable, and it smells and feels lovely! I expect there are more nourishing hand creams out the though.
Would I buy again? Maybe
I’m saying maybe again as I always end up with so many Soap and Glory products at Christmas, that I never actually have to buy my own! But this is a very nice body moisturiser, smells the same as Hand Food, which smells great! It feels pretty luxurious to use.
Would I buy again? Yes
No, anti antiperspirants aren’t glamorous, but they are a very important part of life, let alone a beauty routine. Nobody wants to stink! I thought I’d include this as Mitchum is my favourite and in my opinion the best antiperspirant deodorant brand I’ve tried. My particular favourite is the roll on however, which I genuinely feel basically stops me sweating a lot of the time! And that’s just what you want from a deodorant.
Would I buy again? Probably not
I thought I had found my perfect eyebrow pencil when I first got this, but I have now got through two of these in quick succession, which is just incredibly annoying, they just don’t last long at all! They’re not massively expensive, but they’re not super cheap either. And seeing as Sleek is not the most accessible brand in that not all Superdrugs or Boots stock it, the idea of having to order them online every couple of weeks is just an inconvenience. The brush on one end is very handy though. I am currently using and enjoying Makeup Revolution’s Brow Pencil which at £3.50 a piece is great value!
Would I buy again? No
I would like to try the other Archery eye brow pencil with the brush on one end, as frankly this one with the ‘brow tint’ is completely pointless, no pigment to it at all. It doesn’t add anything, it’s £2 more than the brush one and the brush one would be far more useful!
Would I buy again? No
I bought this as I’d read some bloggers comparing it to the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. However I found it no where near as good. The coverage just wasn’t up to scratch and the consistency just wasn’t as nice and creamy. Collection Lasting Perfection and Maybelline Fit Me Concealer are still my top concealers.
Would I buy again? No
This mascara was fine, but that’s all I can say on it. Yes it darkens your lashes and gives length and volume, but it didn’t wow me.
Would I buy again? Hmmm probably not
This mascara has got a lot of love over youtube and blogs, and it is really good. I reviewed it, along with Soap and Glory’s Thick and Fast, a few months ago here, and my opinion on it hasn’t changed massively. However I do feel it got better in the middle of its lifetime where it thickened up a bit and gave more volume and separation. A solid, affordable mascara. I’d ultimately like to find a great cruelty free mascara though, I’m currently using a No7 one.
Would I buy again? No
This was underwhelming. I didn’t notice much of a difference to my hair when using this, irresistible softness it was not. Much better hair serums/oils out there.
Would I buy again? No
My brother and sister got me this as one of my gifts on my birthday, it’s probably available in budget stores and maybe Savers. It smells nice, but I was always put off using it as you’re supposed to towel dry your hair, put it on and leave it 10 minutes before washing off. To me that’s just a massive faff and walking around waiting 10 minutes while my hair grew cold and slimy before washing it off was not enjoyable. The results were not worth it.
Would I buy again? Maybe
I’ve lumped all these conditioners together because, as I’ve said before I’m not loyal with haircare and get through conditioners like nobody’s business because of my big mop of thick, dry hair. All these were good conditioners that did the job and made my hair soft and nourished. I generally buy whatever is on offer, but recently with my aims to buy more cruelty free products, that will also affect which products I purchase in future.
 I once again left these products to accumulate too long and this has taken an age to write and put together! But I really enjoy reading/watching empties posts/videos, so I hope you enjoy mine too. I’ll be back with a third installment sooner than I probably expect ha.
Best wishes,

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