First Ever Purchases on Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty is a popular website for beauty obsessives and bloggers, and I’d seen them mentioned on various blogs. I put off making a purchase as generally things are pretty pricey on there so I wanted to make sure I took my time picking some products I would like and had a gap for in my existing possessions.
I had wanted to try Molecule 01 for years, as one of my favourite YouTubers (ThePersianBabe) absolutely loves it and it’s one of her favourites. I relate a lot to her and love her style and personality so I thought I’d trust her and finally purchase it. I feel a bit uncomfortable purchasing fragrances online as smell is such a personal sense and you can never truly be sure if you’re going to like it. I don’t think I’d ever ordered online before without sniffing the perfume in a department store beforehand! But alas, I love Molecule 01. I can’t describe it but I find it lovely, fresh and sweet and very inoffensive. I haven’t had any comments from strangers that seem to be all over the reviews(!) but that’s not what I want from a scent anyway lol!
My second purchase was the Anastasia Beverley Hills Illuminator in So Hollywood. I have to admit this was a purchase I regret; it’s just not worth the price to me personally. I caved into the hype after seeing it literally EVERYWHERE on Instagram (follow me here or here) and I think my expectations were out of this world. It’s nice enough, however I wish I’d got Starlight instead as I think it would have looked better on my skintone and is a more unusual colour, whereas So Hollywood’s goldy hue is replicated all over the place at a fraction of the price. The packaging also feels cheap to me, just that plastic that you can tap and it just feels cheap lol, I don’t know how to describe it, but for £28 I wanted more luxury. The product itself looks pretty; it looks nice on the skin and glistens when it catches the light. Highlighters are products that last forever and I definitely like it enough to use it until its life ends; it’s not like one of those foundations you buy and despise so it just sits there… Decaying and unloved. However I think I could’ve saved myself a tenner and got theBalm’s Mary Lou-manizer and liked it just as much; I’m not one to hoard though so this one will do for the foreseeable future.
I have yet to use my samples but I have had a whiff of the Kai Perfume Oil. I love that the brand uses only good stuff in their products and is cruelty free, however I don’t think the smell is quite for me. It smells very ‘green’ to me, it is described as “infused with hints of Gardenia, white exotic flowers: Jasmine, Tuberose, Lily, & Cucumber”. I don’t dislike it, I just wouldn’t wear it myself. However it is one of those fragrances I could see myself wearing in my thirties… If that makes any sense haha! There’s something fresh and sophisticated about it. For reference my favourite perfume so far is Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani.
Best wishes,

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