Collective Haul: Zara, Primark, ASOS

I’ve once again accumulated a few newly purchased clothing and footwear bits and pieces so I thought I would share them!


Studded Black Flats – ASOS £28

Assorted Animal Trainer Socks – Primark £1.50

Assorted Bear Trainer Socks – Primark £2.50

Black Strap Ballet Flats – Primark £10

Long-sleeved Pink Velvet Crop Top – Zara £29.99

Organic Cotton Plain White & White and Blue Striped Tshirts – Zara £5.99 each

More Hugs Grey Pocket Tshirt – Zara £12.99

Water Repellent Trench Coat – Zara £49.99

Black Asymmetric Layed Long-sleeved Tshirt – Zara £17.99

I adore all these purchases and can’t really pick a favourite! The pink velvet top was an absolute must, fell in love when I saw it and just couldn’t leave the store without it; likewise with the ‘More Hugs’ tee, how cute is that?! The coat is great as I needed a waterproof one but obviously wanted one that looked good and stylish, this one fits that bill nicely. Time will tell as to how comfortable the shoes turn out to be… I’m very whingey when it comes to uncomfortable shoes so we’ll see how that goes; I’ve not worn either of them out yet!

Christmas is getting so close now!

Best wishes,


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