Beauty Bay Makeup Haul | Eyes and Lips

One of my too frequent Beauty Bay purchases lately. This one arrived nearly a month ago and I’ve had another one since which I’ll show you soon πŸ™‚ As soon as I bought that Z Palette it was only a matter of time before I ‘had’ to fill it.



Makeup Geek Shadows | Ice Queen and Confection
Dose of Colors Liquid Lipsticks | Truffle and Bare with Me


Morphe E30 Blending Fluff Brush & Morphe G23 Soft Fan Brush

My brush collection is not vast but I do have the Zoeva Rose Golden Face Set as well as some Real Techniques brushes, all of which I love. Morphe are everywhere at the moment, largely through being promo’d by many big US YouTubers. I thought I’d pick up some brushes and see what I thought. I haven’t got too much use out of either of them yet but I’m not initially blown away. The blending brush is okay, it’s a bit big and I still like my Sigma one more. The fan brush doesn’t seem to pick up much product at all! So that’s a bit disappointing. It does keep the highlight subtle though xD But who wants that.

Morphe Lashes

I don’t wear lashes often, only on very special occasions when I can be bothered with the hassle/have the time. I’m pretty rubbish at applying them! But these seemed so affordable I thought I’d get a few in stock! I’ve worn one pair once already and they looked really pretty. You don’t get glue with these like you do with Eylure ones I’ve bought before, so you’ll need a separate tube of lash glue πŸ™‚ They seem good quality and I’ll buy more in future when these are used up.

Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Truffle and Bare with Me

These were the main driver of the haul and the thing I really wanted! The colours I wanted seem to go out of stock so quickly so I was straight on it when I checked back to see they were in stock. I really wanted Stone and Truffle, but Stone wasn’t available 😦 I saw Bare with Me was though, did a quick google of some swatches, loved it, so bought that one too πŸ™‚ Still waiting for Stone to come back though. They’re a really lovely formula, as you can see in the swatches they go on really creamy and opaque. I should have done a picture when they’d dried too really, sorry! As per usual, you should make sure your lips are as smooth and exfoliated as possible with matte lipsticks as they will highlight any flakiness, but as long as your lips aren’t super dry, these aren’t too drying at all!

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans in Ice Queen and Confection

I’d seen Makeup Geek shadows all over the blogs I read and I loved the idea of creating my own palette! I don’t own many at all, just a couple of Sleek ones as I’m really not big on eyeshadows and me being me (eg super rational), I don’t like buying things unless I know I’ll use every single thing. So many pre-made palette I talk myself out of because of that one shade I’ll NEVER wear. A palette curated by myself however would resolve this problem so I ran with that excuse and purchased these two along with a Small Z Palette. These two were chosen as I used to love wearing a wash of white eye shadow – the whites in my Sleek palette are completely gone while all others still remain. The next most used colours in those palettes were pinks, so I chose a pink too πŸ™‚ Ice Queen is a very pigmented gorgeous shimmery white which most people would probably use as a highlight shade. Confection is a matte pink which is a gorgeous colour, but to be honest it doesn’t really show up that much on my eye lid; I really have to pile it on to make it noticeable. My Small Z Palette is now full so I’ll do a complete post on what I filled it with πŸ™‚ I’ve already had to stop myself buying a new one to fill. And I still don’t wear eye shadow that much… LOL my life.

Love Nicole xx

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5 Replies to “Beauty Bay Makeup Haul | Eyes and Lips”

    1. Thank you! They’re definitely worth trying, I had such fun choosing which colours to fill the palette with πŸ™‚ dangerous if you have a large palette to fill though hahah xD xx


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