My Makeup Geek Z Palette

I talked about a couple of these shadows in my previous post; Beauty Bay Makeup Haul | Eyes and Lips. Within two Beauty Bay orders my palette was full xD They’re definitely an addictive product with a fantastic colour range.

I love that they’re magnetic and allow you to easily create your own palette. I really like the Z Palette, it feels sturdy despite basically being made from shiny cardboard and I like having the window on the lid. The size Small was perfect for me and there’s no way I’d need a bigger one. I might buy another Small one in future if I want to buy a few more and make one a cool toned palette and the other warm toned.



Unexpected | Confection | Ice Queen | Vanilla Bean | Creme Brulee
Bitten | Moondust | Ritzy (Duochrome) | Cosmopolitan

The quality of these shadows is great! Not being the biggest eye shadow connoisseur I can’t really compare it to many others but what I do know is they’re smooth and pigmented. I’ve not used Unexpected or Bitten yet but they look absolutely gorgeous swatched! All the other shades went on nicely but as you can probably tell, Vanilla Bean is a bit of a nothing shade on me, as is Confection which is unfortunately difficult to build up to the beautiful pink colour it is in the pan. Ritzy also took some work and never quite looked as it does in the pan. It’s from the Duochrome range which I really like the idea of – that it can look so different in different lights – but I need to have more of a play with it as it swatched so prettily!

Creme brulee is a warm toned brown which is awesome in the crease. I loved using Moondust for a bit of shimmer in a smokey eye look. Ice Queen is a perfect shimmery white that I like to use all over the lid for a brightening wash on its own or obviously it can be used as an inner corner highlight. But I think my overall favourite of these nine is Cosmopolitan, it’s just the prettiest peachy bronzey shimmer! Beautiful ❤

I only find time to wear eye shadow on special occasions so I don’t need the biggest collection (my true loves are lipsticks and foundations), however there are a few other shades I’d eventually like to get from Makeup Geek. I feel like a grey shade would be a good addition, either Bedrock or Concrete Jungle and a wider variety of browns, maybe like Cocoa Bear or Barcelona Beach. I also think Cinderella would be one I’d use a lot being the sucker I am for shimmery pinks 🙂

What are your favourite Makeup Geek shadows?

Love Nicole xxx

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