New In My Wardrobe: from ASOS

Another ASOS order was placed not long after I returned from my holiday. I will not pretend to have a reason or excuse, I just love getting an ASOS parcel through the door; it brightens my day! However, one thing that encouraged me was I had two £5 vouchers I could use that I received via the new ASOS loyalty scheme “ASOS A-List“. I am SO happy they decided to create a loyalty scheme! As a loyal customer anyway, this is such an amazing ‘reward’ to now gain every time I place an order. They are literally my go-to. Amazing delivery and returns policy, student discount which is often boosted to 20% off and the most incredible range of fashion and beauty. I am such an ASOS fangirl.

Anyway, on to what I bought in my latest order.

New In Asos-002
ASOS Lace Insert Slip Cami Top £25
New In Asos-003
ASOS The Ultimate Vest in Grey £5
New In Asos-004
ASOS FERGUS Cross Strap Leather Sandals £22
New In Asos-001
ASOS Sleeveless Top with Contrast Tie in Ponte £18
New In Asos
ASOS Ankle Grazer Cigarette Trousers in Crepe ON SALE NOW £14

I love the little pink top, although it is a lot more pink than the picture suggests on the ASOS website which makes it appear a pale pink! It’s definitely brighter, leaning towards a peachy pink. It had been in my ‘Save for Later’ for months so with the ASOS A-List vouchers in my mind I thought I’d finally buy it and see what it was like. I’m very happy I did because it’s adorable. I modelled it here on my Instagram. 😉 And the grey vest top is just an essential basic piece isn’t it really?

I’d had my eye on the white sandals months and months ago but never bought them. Then recently Sammi commented they were the comfiest sandals she’d ever worn or something along those lines so that just made me go for it and she’s so right! ❤ They are VERY comfortable and look great too. A bargain purchase.

The last two pieces I got with workwear in mind… The trousers are a nice fit although a bit baggier around the ankle than I would ideally like. The little white top is lovely, it’s quite weighty and I would definitely wear it casually too.

I’m hoping to post a photo diary of my holiday next so make sure you’re following me if you want to see what Kefalonia, Greece is like 🙂

Love Nicole xxxx

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