Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel Review

I personally don’t feel that comfortable writing detailed ‘reviews’. I can only give my personal opinion on a product (I’m no expert) and that is based mainly on whether I overall like it and/or whether I have seen any benefits. Another factor is definitely value for money – were the benefits worth how much you paid for it compared to alternatives?

I begin like this as I feel, after reading countless other reviews, I may be in a minority in being rather underwhelmed with this cleanser: it’s just nice, that’s about it. And to me, it’s very expensive for what it does.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel £29.50 (100ml)

I was very excited to try it as part of the Anna and Lily Cult Beauty Box I bought so I didn’t buy this individually at the steep £29.50 purchase price. It seems so popular among the YouTube/blogging community that my expectations were so high! But the first time I put this on my face I was left with the very definite feeling of “oh, is that it?” Maybe that’s just the danger of having high expectations, I don’t know.

To me, it smells funny and whilst it feels very pleasant on the skin I don’t really get the feeling of there being much cleansing going on. I’ve mainly been using two pumps of this as a morning cleanser as I don’t feel it’s enough to properly cleanse my skin of all the dirt and makeup in the evening. It supposedly has brightening effects but I haven’t noticed this.

oskia renaissance cleansing gel 1

The consistency is rather unique; it dispenses as a gel and then almost immediately turns to an oil upon massaging into the skin. This aspect of it is undeniably very nice. The only similar thing I’ve tried like this is the No7 Melting Gel Cleanser (£9.50) It enables you to give yourself a nice facial massage, but all oil cleansers allow this and many for considerably better value.

Maybe I’m just cheap with my cleansers, but they are not the area within my skincare routine that I like to spend lots of money. I love trying new ones, cleansers are one of my favourite new things to try, but I tend to like to keep things under the £20 mark, preferably under £15 tbh! So I doubt this will be repurchased once it’s finished – speaking of which it’s impossible to know when it’s running out as you can’t see or feel how much product is left.

Another popular premium cleanser however that I do think is worth the hype is the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. Despite this being even more eye-wateringly expensive I bought a small 15ml jar at Christmas for £10 just to try it and I loved it. I definitely hope to purchase a full size when I feel I am financially able to. It just has that WOW factor upon use which the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel lacked which made it so luxurious and wonderful to use that I felt it almost justified the price (I still think it’s stupidly expensive but I really loved it very much ❤ ). So if you want to splash out on a fancy cleanser, I say go with Emma Hardie 😉

Love Nicole xxxx

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