New In My Wardrobe from ASOS & Topshop

I’ve accumulated some new fashion pieces once again from my two favourites: ASOS and Topshop ❤ Happy hauling…

ASOS Topshop
Nude Frilled Cold Shoulder Top £16
ASOS Topshop-001
DUPE Heeled Sandal in True Leopard £29
ASOS Topshop1
Quay Australia My Girl Mirror Cat Eye Sunglasses with Pink Lenses £30
PETITE Pleat Awkward Trouser £32
ASOS Topshop-002
ASOS Vest In Bright Stripe With Tipping £12
ASOS Topshop1-001
ASOS High Waisted Jersey Shorts with Lace Hem £18


My vibe at the moment is definitely simple, neutral and comfortable. I used to live in jeans but have lately been very much straying away from all but my most comfortable pairs and instead opting for stretchy waists or dresses that allow my stomach to be freeeeeee!

I absolutely love the black pleat trousers from Topshop and am desperately hoping they come back in stock in the Nude colour as I’ve got so much wear out of the black pair already. They’re kind of a statement in themselves whilst also being pretty low key and going with lots of tops.

Every time I post a ‘New in’ I stress at the realisation of how many new things I buy… But I just love clothes so much 😦 Creating the ‘perfect wardrobe’ seems to be an endless goal, I suppose our tastes and trends are always changing so we never feel fulfilled. Well, I sure don’t. Saying that though I am quite happy with my current wardrobe. My plan for going back to basics and only choosing comfortable, more timeless, quality pieces seems to be working so far. I want to still be wearing these things in years to come, even as trends change!

Love Nicole xxxx

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2 Replies to “New In My Wardrobe from ASOS & Topshop”

    1. They’re cute aren’t they 🙂 haha, I often feel the same tbh but they’re so comfortable and look great on other people xD Thank you, followed you back ❤ xx

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