My Haircare Routine


My haircare routine in itself has been the same for years now. Although I am often trying new products and am not always loyal to brands, the basic routine and type of products used remains the same. My hair is brunette, thick, long and naturally virtually straight! I’ve never properly coloured it; only using some L’oreal sunkiss jelly a couple of years ago and having some reddish highlights when I was much younger.

Back in my early teens I was washing my hair every other night and with such thick, long hair the entire process takes close to two hours if I properly straighten it after. This eventually got so tedious and such a chore that one summer I managed to train my hair to go much longer between washes before it would get ‘greasy’. I now generally wash my hair every 4 days which is so much better. I can’t imagine having to wash it every other day now; it takes up such a big chunk of the evening/morning that doing it every other day was just such a waste of time.



Firstly one thing to note is that I find my hair much more manageable after washing if I’ve brushed my hair before I get in the shower.

To wash my hair I opt for SLS free shampoos and ideally ones that are catered to an itchy/dry scalp which I am prone to. I am currently using Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo (£7.99) which is an invigorating, tingle inducing tea tree shampoo that does a great job of cleansing my hair and scalp. I would buy this again and would like to try other haircare from Giovanni who call themselves “eco chic hair care”.

For conditioner I have been using various ones from the Charles Worthington range recently but in general I tend to go for conditioners aimed at hydration and damage repair. I’m currently on the Moisture Seal one (£6.99). I get through conditioners so quickly as I absolutely saturate my hair in them. I coat the lengths from the left side, then throw it over to my right shoulder and do likewise to make sure no hair is missed. With any remaining product on my hands I coat my scalp. Because I do only get about 5-6 uses out of a conditioner a range like Charles Worthington is ideal as I can literally pop down to my local Boots and buy more for not too great an expense and it’s usually on some sort of offer, typically 3 for 2.



Once washed, I comb all my hair through and give it a really thorough coat of a heat defence spray. I currently have the Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Heat Defence Spray (£6.99). Whenever I have my hair cut most hair dressers tell me what good condition my hair is in despite being so long and subjected to heat. I really do think that years and years of religiously always using heat defence spray has helped my hair stay in good condition. A very important step!

Having such long, heavy hair I think a mousse is very important for me too. My hair is another level of flat without one. I take a palm full and press it in around the roots and rub any excess through the lengths. I currently have the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse (£5.99) which is decent; it doesn’t provide incredible longevity of volume for my heavy hair but it helps and I further try to fight the flat with products I will mention further down.

Hair oils are soooo good for dry/damaged hair. That’s kind of obvious though. Oils just seem good for everything! I take a 20p size amount in my palm, rub my hands together then distribute it through the very ends of my hair. This Keracare Essential Oils For The Hair (£6.30) contains an amazing array of oils. It has sunflower oil, peanut oil, castor oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and sesame oil… Phew! That’s a lot of oils. I really like it, it has a nice scent and the bottle is a generous 120ml.


After this I’ll comb my hair through to distribute everything evenly and then get the hairdryer! I always blow dry my hair as it’d take about a day to airdry and nobody’s got time for that. It also allows me to achieve a bit of much needed volume. I blowdry my hair upside down for this very reason. It makes a world of difference!

Once dry, I’ll usually leave it a while then get the straighteners. I always straighten the front bits of my hair that frame my face as these tend to get a bit flicky and weird. Whether I thoroughly straighten my entire head of hair is down to whether I can be bothered at the time. As my hair is naturally pretty straight it’s not essential but I can get kinks and waves that I prefer to get rid of. The sleek straight haired look is just me and I do prefer it most when I sit down and section everything off and do a thorough straighten!

Side note, I seriously cannot recommend investing in GHDs enough. I literally got this pair when I was 13/14 years old and they are still going! That’s nearly 10 years! They are still amazing.

Further styling


I think we’ve all experienced the woes of freshly washed hair that’s just too clean. This happens every single time I wash my hair: the flat, limpness of the squeaky clean. Colab Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo (£4.50) and Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray (£6.99) are perfect for this situation. The Colab dry shampoo is definitely not what I would consider good as a dry shampoo, it’s just too heavy and sticky for that. However it does succeed on the claim of ‘extreme volume’ as it’s perfect for spraying into the roots to add some grit and texture. So for me, I love using this on freshly washed hair but definitely not on my 3-4 day old hair that will soon need a wash. For this purpose, I still love Batiste (£2.99). It’s the cheap, cheerful dry shampoo that just gets the job of soaking up any excess oil done!

If I do want added texture the Charles Worthington texturising spray is really great and is actually a repurchase because I was impressed the first time around. I’m aware this may have started to appear like an ad for Charles Worthington but I can only wish it was lol. I have just been really liking their products!


And then it’s a case of WASH.RINSE.STYLE.REPEAT. 4 days later.

Ah the chores of haircare 🙂 I still love my hair ❤

Thanks for reading,

Love Nicole xxxx

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