Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Review

At the start of summer this year I finally purchased Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue after hearing lots of positive things about it. It was one of the many foundation and base products I had on a list to try and I chose to take the plunge and purchase this one ahead of the others because I thought it’d be perfect for the time of year (summer). As it happens, for me, it turned out to be a disappointment. I don’t think it’s a bad product but it just doesn’t do what I need it to do and therefore I do have buyer’s regret about this one.

Let me explain.


I bought the colour Vanilla online. There’s always a risk buying base products online. Initially I was sad that the colour was darker and more orange toned than I hoped, but as summer went on and I got a bit of colour to my skin it actually wasn’t a bad match. Bare Minerals describes ‘Vanilla’ as the shade suitable for ‘light skin with neutral undertones’. I feel like I fit that description but it was darker than expected.

The consistency is quite thick as may be expected from a product described as a tinted gel cream. It claims to provide a 215% increase in skin hydration after just one week but I am not sure I can agree with that statement. It’s certainly not drying but it’s hard for me to say exactly how hydrating it is. I am someone with a dedicated skincare routine and I always moisturise and prime before applying foundation, which is how I saw this product, as light coverage foundation. When using this I can’t say I noticed any difference it terms of hydration compared to other products I use in the same way. I am sure some people use this as their daily moisturiser and maybe this would be a fairer way to put these claims to the test but for me I always like to use a ‘proper’ moisturiser before applying anything tinted.

Now for the predominant reason why I would not repurchase this product – the coverage. It is far too sheer for my preferences and for my skin concerns. I knew this was a light coverage product but I hoped it would be enough to cover marks and redness. Reviews I read were varied, some saying it was very sheer, others saying it was far fuller coverage than they wanted (if they found this too high coverage I honestly don’t know how it gets much sheerer!) I need to use a lot of concealer whenever I use this as it just leaves so many of my imperfections still showing through. However for people who like to use the Eldridge technique then this would provide a nice natural base to work upon. But for me, I just have too much still to cover after using this! I definitely don’t think it’s fair for Bare Minerals to say this can provide up to medium coverage. For me this product is just a tinted moisturiser and can make no bold claims when it comes to coverage.

Below are pictures demonstrating the best coverage I could achieve with the product.


The Positives

Now I said at the beginning this is not a bad product, it’s just not for me. Not while my skin isn’t perfect anyway haha. So the good things about this product are it has good physical SPF protection, a decent colour range, travel friendly packaging, looks natural and has skincare benefits. The main time I used this product was while I was on holiday in Kefalonia! To be fair to it, it was really great for a holiday and lasted well in the heat. I basically wore no makeup the entire week but I would put this on everyday after my skincare routine for added SPF protection and a little bit of coverage to take the edge off any redness. So for no makeup days: fantastic! But I personally have very few no makeup days where I leave the house lol, aside from on holiday abroad. If I’m going to put any makeup on in my general day to day life in the UK, I go for medium/full coverage.

If you have extremely good skin and/or you’re not really bothered about covering everything and just want some sun protection then this could be a really good facial SPF moisturiser for you, that evens out your skintone slightly. But if you want proper coverage, this is not the one!



Have you tried this? Did it work for you?
Love Nicole xxxx

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