Gerard Cosmetics Green Tea Setting Spray Review

I enjoy setting sprays as I like the effect they can give. I always powder my face to set my foundation but this can sometimes leave things looking very powdery and doesn’t look all that great in sunlight! Setting sprays can lessen this powdery effect and additionally work to set your makeup so it lasts longer. I have used two different ones before: Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray and NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray. The Urban Decay one was definitely better overall but I also liked the NYX one and it’s a lot more affordable!

I wanted to try the Slay All Day Setting Spray by Gerard Cosmetics as it’s also a lot more affordable than Urban Decay’s offering and I’d seen some great reviews floating about.

I got the Green Tea version and here are my thoughts…


My skin isn’t oily therefore I don’t really have issues with shine throughout the day so I can’t comment on whether this is good for preventing that. It is however mattifying and lessens that powdery effect that I try to combat. I also do believe it helps my makeup last that bit longer and more flawlessly. However, there is a small matter that means I am very unlikely to ever repurchase this and that I feel nobody is talking about in any reviews I’ve read?!

The tingly, stinging sensation! WHY is there menthol in it?! The first time I sprayed this on my face I was of course not expecting this and probably did not shut my eyes hard enough. After a generous spray over my face I was quite horrified to feel a tingly sensation over my entire face and my eyes stinging! WHY oh WHY?! After about a minute of recovering from the awful sensation I looked at the ingredients and spotted menthol which I can only assume is the culprit. Is this really necessary? Do some people like this feeling it gives? It just feels so harsh on the skin and I wouldn’t even consider myself to have sensitive skin. I’ve not had a reaction to it I just really am not a fan of the sensation. Now when I use it I know to expect it so it’s not as bad but it’s still really not something I want from a setting spray. I’m not sure if menthol is present in all of the scents or if it’s just the Green Tea one but it’s definitely something you should be aware of. The NYX and Urban Decay ones just feel like water so menthol is clearly not necessary.

There’s a refreshing mist and then there’s spraying mint on your face… It’s a no from me.

Have you tried this? Do you mind the tinglyness?

Love Nicole xxxx

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