Comfiest Shoes Ever: Nike Juvenate

Trainers have not traditionally been the most ‘fashionable’ of shoes however over the past year or so trainers have become rather on trend. This can surely only be a good thing for everyone, those who love trainers can rejoice in them being ‘in’ and everyone can go about their lives in a delightful degree of comfort. However, not all trainers I’ve ever worn have been comfortable. Many still give you the same blisters and wear-in time as other types of shoe meaning this major perceived ‘pro’ of trainers is redundant. These Nike bad boys however, are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I struggled and still do struggle to stop myself wearing them every time I leave the house. They might look pretty good for trainers but they still don’t go with everything so I do have to stop myself.


I only found out about them because my sister had a pair she got last year. She wore them all the time so one day when I just saw them lying around I decided to try one on and immediately I wanted my own pair! I wasn’t always sure about the style and look of them at first, however, they had grown on me and once I’d felt the squishy sole and stretchy upper I was sold.

They are a sock style trainer that you just pull and slip on. Basically, the laces don’t really serve a purpose other than for show but they can help keep the shoe more secure if you tie them tightly. The upper is a flexible mesh which is amazing for someone like me who always gets blisters on their little toes. As it’s so stretchy there’s nothing to make my foot cramped enough to develop blisters. It is breathable which also helps prevent blisters and keeps your feet cool. The sole is so squishy and cushioned it’s like walking on foam, or even a cloud if I may be dramatic. They are also really lightweight which feels so nice, it really makes you realise how heavy a lot of shoes are so it is freeing to wear something so light!

Due to the mesh upper they are not waterproof at all, so this is something to be aware of. They are not something you can throw on on a rainy day! I just wear them for casual day to day outings and walks so I don’t know if they would be a good gym or running shoe – I don’t go to the gym or run. xD I did climb a Welsh mountain in them though and they were great!

From what I saw when I was researching which ones to buy, Juvenates come in quite a few colours and designs. I went for grey as it’s super versatile and less stark than black or white. I bought mine at Zalando with a substantial discount. The RRP for these trainers seems to be £72, however, if you’re savvy and shop around you’re bound to be able to get a saving on that.

That concludes this more unusual post, a ‘shoe review’ if you will. But I just had to share these as I think everyone should experience this comfort! They may not be to everyone’s taste aesthetically, but I challenge anyone to say they’re not very comfortable!

Love Nicole xxxx

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