Salt of the Earth Natural Spray Deodorant Review

After reading some worrying articles about antiperspirants (namely aluminum as an ingredient in them) I thought I’d give some natural deodorants a try. I am not completely convinced of any dangers but it made me think that for day to day use maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use something more gentle and natural and save the heavy stuff for when I actually need it and am doing something sweaty.


I first bought the Salt of the Earth Pure Aura Women’s Natural Deodorant (£5.99) online and this is the one I would recommend out of the two as it smells amazing. It’s scented with lavender and vanilla; I don’t usually like the scent of lavender but apparently when it’s mixed with vanilla I love it! It reminds me of some sweets that I can’t put my finger on… The Salt of the Earth Unscented Spray Deodorant (£3.99) I grabbed one day in Holland & Barratt as they didn’t have the Pure Aura one and this unscented one is £2 cheaper. However, it’s pretty boring without a scent. I suppose you could add a couple of drops of an essential oil.

The performance of these deodorants was slightly better than I expected. You have to accept with these that you are still going to sweat, so if you’re used to antiperspirants this can take a bit of adjusting. However, when wearing them day to day I never felt self conscious of smelling bad. You will still occasionally get sweat patches though, so don’t be throwing on a grey top wearing this. These deodorants work by “inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria”, they essentially destroy the odour from sweat but you still sweat, hence the sweat patches. This for me is generally fine as long as I wear appropriate clothing. I like that my body is able to do the perfectly natural function of sweating but I don’t smell awful because of it. It’s not like you smell completely fresh as a daisy though, by evening you will have that slight BO smell, TMI? – just being honest!

It is essential with these deodorants that you’re showering every day and applying it to clean skin. I say this because I know before I have been guilty of not showering for two days because my antiperspirant was so effective I genuinely didn’t smell so I just sprayed more on top! With the natural deodorant there’ll been none of that, it’s a quick shower every day. You also need to allow them to dry, which can take a a few minutes. They never leave any white marks though. I used about 4-5 sprays per armpit and tbh the bottles didn’t last as long as I wanted so maybe that’s too much? It felt right to me though.

These deodorants definitely do a good job of preventing odour when compared to wearing nothing. I think it entirely depends on you individually whether they will be for you. If you are very used to antiperspirants then you can’t use this and expect it to do exactly the same thing, it just can’t. But if you’re not a super active or sweaty person then I think you can get on just fine with these! If you are self conscious about sweating then maybe this would not be enough to keep you confident, but I do believe in giving your body a break sometimes so maybe you could consider using something like this that’s more natural on days where you’re just around the house. I personally do this but if I’m doing anything where I think I might sweat more than normal and am around other people (I’m a nervous/anxious sweater) I will still reach for an antiperspirant.

Try the Pure Aura one! Even just for the smell! ❤

Love Nicole xxxx

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