Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipsticks | ‘Truffle’ and ‘Bare with Me’

As a huge lover of all things lipstick, I had to try the matte liquid lipsticks from Dose of Colors. They go in and out of stock on Beauty Bay and I am still patiently waiting for ‘Stone’ and ‘Desert Suede’ to come back into stock long enough for me to order them! I’ve had the link bookmarked for months and despite checking every day I always seem to miss them, or maybe they’re just not getting restocked!

The shades I do have however are ‘Truffle’ and ‘Bare with Me’ and they are gorgeous! ‘Truffle’ I would say is a brown, rosey nude whilst ‘Bare with Me’ is a more of a peachy, nude pink.


Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Truffle and Bare with Me (right)


The pigmentation of these is fantastic; the texture is creamy and moussey which I really like. They dry down to be super matte and whilst this can make your lips look quite dry, they don’t actually feel drying, which is a major plus as I hate products drying out my lips. I do find they wear off in a rather unappealing way sometimes however, where bits start to flake off and separate and you get that kind of line around the inside of your lips. They don’t always do this so I can’t quite put my finger on why they do it some times and not others. I think I have much better success with them when I wear a lip-liner underneath, they don’t seem to wear off as badly so maybe that’s the secret. Application is easy as the applicator is a great shape and one dip is enough for the whole lips.

These are some of my favourite lip products and I love wearing them. They look so nice on and the colours are perfect. The packaging is really cute, I love the frosted glass, and the brand is proudly cruelty free. ❀

Love Nicole xxxx

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