Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Acid Pads

I was really excited when I first saw Superdrug had come out with these! I really like the Hot Cloth Cleanser from this Naturally Radiant range so I knew that despite the low price tag they should not be written off.

superdrug naturally radiant glycolic acid daily cleansing pads

I was happy to find they have the same scent as the hot cloth cleanser, which is really pleasant and fresh. However, even upon first use I was not optimistic I would love these. The main thing that disappointed me was how unsaturated the pads were. When wiping them over my face I didn’t feel like much product was getting distributed at all. Compared to my favourite glycolic fix extreme pads from Nip+Fab these were really disappointing.

I got through the whole pot rather reluctantly as I didn’t feel like they were doing anything for my skin and my skin was missing out on that decent exfoliation offered from the Nip+Fab pads or Pixi Glow Tonic. Due to this I noticed more spots coming through as my skin was not getting what it needed. At least it showed me how important acids have now become in my routine and that they do make a difference when they come in an effective product; unfortunately this wasn’t one of them.

I will not be repurchasing these, however, I saw that a glycolic acid liquid toner had come out in this same range which I have since purchased to give it a shot. My thinking is that I’ll be able to use more of it per use as you saturate your own cotton pad so hopefully it might be more effective! It’s such a nice affordable range that I really hope the liquid is better than these pads were. Edit: I’ve since reviewed the liquid version here!

Love Nicole xxxx

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