Escentric Molecules Molecule 01

I finished this bottle a while ago but am only now getting around to writing up my thoughts. I was so excited when I bought this a couple of years ago! Some of my favourite YouTubers like The Persian Babe and The Anna Edit had talked about this perfume on their channels and I was curious to have it myself and see what it was like. The only way I could get it was online so I had to take a leap of faith and order it and just hope I liked it! It is available on Cult Beauty for £36 for 30ml.

escentric molecules molecule 01

On first spray I was initially relieved as I liked the scent! I don’t think words can really describe perfumes very well as it’s always better to just smell them for yourself but I can say it’s a fresh smell. I felt it smelled slightly chemically but not in a bad way, I still really liked it. This fragrance is supposed to “meld with the wearer’s natural pheromones to enhance their allure and put a spring in their step”.

When wearing this perfume I could only smell it on myself for less than half an hour. Some people had said that it’s a perfume you can’t smell on yourself but other people can. I liked the idea of this and thought it was quite cool however in my case this didn’t happen at all! Throughout using up this whole bottle not one single person commented on me smelling good… This leads me the believe that when I could no longer smell it on myself it was in fact that the smell had evaporated and not that I had just gotten used to it on myself. This was really disappointing. So many of the reviews say about the amazing experiences people have had with this perfume, people stopping them to ask what they were wearing etc, but I had none of that.

I guess my skin chemistry and pheromones or whatever science surrounds this product does not agree with me! There will be no repurchase of this product sadly, as much as I wanted to love it and have people tell me how great I smelled. Sigh.

Love Nicole xxxx

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