Alpha H Liquid Gold

Alpha H Liquid Gold is a product designed to exfoliate and resurface the skin with ingredients of glycolic acid and liquorice. I first used it around 2 years ago and I’ve repurchased it twice as I really liked the effect and the convenience of it.

alpha h liquid gold

The product is applied to freshly cleansed skin in the evening using a cotton pad. When I used it I would usually do an ‘intensive treatment’ whereby I would apply it alone and not follow it up with a moisturiser or any other product; I believe this to be the most effective way to use it so the results are not diluted. This made it a fantastic ‘lazy’ product as I didn’t have to apply tons of products. It would exfoliate my skin as well as keep it hydrated. Whether you decide to use it alone or follow with moisturiser it should still not be used more frequently than every other night as it is intensive!

I found when I woke up it made a real noticeable difference! Over time it reduced pigmentation left over from breakouts, brightened and refined pores, reduced the frequency of spots and made spots go quicker.

Drawbacks are that it is expensive at £33.50 for 100ml. However, if you are able to afford this and like the sound of its benefits I would say go for it because it does deliver. Also look out for discounts as it is widely sold online on many different websites so you may be able to find discount codes (for example it is sold on ASOS so you can use a student discount). Another thing is its intensity means sensitive skin or those new to using acids on their face might need to be conditioned to it; I think this would be possible if you maybe use it once a week and gradually increase this.

Overall I loved Alpha H Liquid Gold! I don’t have any currently because my skin is doing well with other, admittedly less expensive, products. But if my skin takes a turn for the worse or I’m feeling flush I would definitely buy it again and I know I can rely on it for results.

Love Nicole xxxx

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