Boots Botanics Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

I really enjoy using cleansing balms. I’ve tried the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm and the Elemis Pro-Collagen Balm and they are both gorgeous and lovely to use. However, as demonstrated by those two products, cleansing balms generally seem to be an expensive option when it comes to cleansing so when I saw that the Boots Botanics range has a cleansing balm I was delighted and excited to try it.

boots botanics organic hot cloth cleansing balm

The balm comes in a pot which comes packaged in a box with a cloth also included. I used it mainly as a first cleanse to remove my base makeup. I remove my eye makeup separately with eye makeup remover beforehand but it was perfectly comfortable to use over the eyes and it helped to remove any residual eye makeup. It was really effective at removing my base makeup when used with a hot cloth. It left my skin feeling soft and nourished.

When first opened the balm was gorgeous and smooth and felt beautiful and luxurious on the face with all the oily, slippy goodness you want in a cleansing balm. However, for some reason when I got to about half way through the pot it developed some grittiness. I’m not sure why this happens and the gritty bits do melts once you’ve massage it into your face but it did ruin the pleasure of using it.

I found I got through the pot quite quickly but I think I was using too much each time; once melted into the skin a little can go a lot further than you might think.

I’m unsure if I would buy this again. I absolutely loved it at first but I was disappointed by how gritty it got towards the end… So the jury is out but I would never say never.

The full price is £8.99 but you can often find it on some sort of offer at Boots.

Love Nicole xxxx

3 Replies to “Boots Botanics Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm”

    1. It doesn’t seem to be stocked in lots of stores tbh! Just bigger ones I suppose. I haven’t tried the Body Shop one… I’m reluctant to because of the packaging, it seems a pain to get into the tin lol!


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