3ina Eyes & Lips Make Up Remover

3ina (pronounced Mina) is a new brand to me and this is the first product I’ve tried from them. Their range includes skincare as well as makeup and I was intrigued by the brand because of its affordable price point and it being cruelty free. I needed a new bottle of eye makeup remover so bought this with a discount code from Feel Unique.

3ina eyes and lip makeup remover review duo phase

The bottle contains 125ml and as far as bottles of eye makeup remover go it’s pretty and feels good quality. The formula is a dual phase so it has to be shaken well before use otherwise it won’t perform. Despite being dual phase it doesn’t feel oily at all and feels just like water. This is a positive for me as although I don’t mind using oily formulas around my eyes they can be irritating and get in your eyes and make your vision blurry for a bit, whereas this one is extremely gentle and doesn’t sting or irritate your eyeballs!

I found it removed my eye makeup very effectively and I do wear quite a lot! I’ll admit that it probably needed two soaked pads per eye to completely remove everything, but I just do it once and then when I cleanse the rest of my face afterwards I remove anything that was left over. I don’t wear waterproof mascara so I can’t say it would definitely remove that. As for lip makeup it removes that perfectly, if you’ve got some stubborn matte liquid lipstick on then it could handle that no problem.

I like this product a lot and would buy it again. At ยฃ6.95 for 125ml it is more than I would ideally like to spend on an eye makeup remover however if you can find a discount code for a retailer who stocks this then it makes it better value. 3ina is stocked at many online retailers like ASOS, Feel Unique and Selfridges as well as on their own site.

Love Nicole xxxx

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