The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%

The Ordinary’s Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% is supposed to brighten skin tone, improve evenness of skin texture and reduce the look of blemishes. As you’d expect from The Ordinary, it costs an amazing £5.50 for 30ml and has real science behind its formulation.

the ordinary azelaic acid suspension 10 serum cream review

I use this product after a hydrating serum and before my moisturiser. I tend to use is it PM but it can be used and/or AM too. It has a cream-gel texture and you can definitely tell it’s silicone-y as it’s very smoothing on the skin.

I absolutely love this stuff and this is my second tube. I definitely think it makes a noticeable difference as when I’ve run out I’ve noticed a deterioration in my skin condition. I’ve noticed that the azelaic acid reduces blemishes and redness and makes my skin texture much softer and smoother. As with any skin product though I firmly believe that consistent use is key and to see these results I literally used the product every day until the tube was empty!

I currently don’t have any of this stuff and I miss it! It’s out of stock on so many of my usual sites to shop from but I really need to get a tube as my skin is not as blemish-free as it usually is when I’m using this product. This is something I’m going to repurchase again and again, and for £5.50 you really can’t complain!

Love Nicole xxxx

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