Zoella Winter Wonder Hand Review

I am a big fan of Zoe (Zoella) but haven’t bought much at all from her product ranges, mainly because I was dubious about the quality and the products aren’t exactly inexpensive. However, I always like to see what Zoella Beauty bring out next and I was excited to smell her 2017 Christmas scent ‘Snow’ella’. I smelt it in Superdrug and loved it, it’s a lovely fresh, light scent that I think most people would like. I didn’t know much about the products at the time so left it a while to decide if I wanted anything and a month or so later I decided to order a tube of the ‘Winter Wonder Hand’ hand cream within a FeelUnique order. I also received a tube for Christmas from one of my best friends as he knew I was a fan of Zoe’s!

zoella beauty winter wonder hand

I have to say I absolutely love the packaging. It comes in a box which is beautifully designed similarly to the tube, with a white, grey and copper colour scheme and a skandi pattern – very much to my own taste! The bottle is also a generous size for a hand cream.

As much as I adore the packaging and the scent of this hand cream, I am not a fan of the formula. I don’t find it deeply nourishing at all and in my opinion it isn’t enough for the woes of dry hands in Winter! It does give an initial comfort to that itchy feeling of dryness but you can just tell it’s a superficial feeling and that it’s not doing much more than that. Despite regularly using it before bed, as I like to do with hand cream, I still had dry and rough skin on the top of my hands and wrists. Usually with other hand creams I’ve used this would clear up.

In conclusion, I’m disappointed as I really wanted this to be good as I love the scent. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It’s such a shame. I won’t be buying any more hand creams from Zoella Beauty as they’re just not heavy duty enough and it’s still left me questioning the quality of the products.

Love Nicole xxxx

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