Yes to Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturiser For Sensitive Skin

Yes To are a brand I like for their ethics; they’re no frills with a focus on keeping things natural and free of nasties and using recyclable materials. I also really like the efficiency of the packaging on this moisturiser, as the pump means you can use every last bit of product. The price point of Yes To I would consider to be mid-range – full price this moisturiser is ยฃ11.99 but it is often available on offer.

yes to cucumbers sensitive daily calming moisturizer moisturiser review

This moisturiser is pretty basic but it does a decent job. It’s extremely gentle and calming as you would want from a product aimed at sensitive skin. It is slightly tacky after application but it isn’t at all greasy and settles down to be quite a matte base for makeup.

It offers effective surface moisturisation and is comforting and hydrating on skin that might be sensitive or irritated. However, I feel I need a bit more hydration than this gives so I do need to use serums too as alone it doesn’t feel enough. Therefore, I think dry or dehydrated skin would need more than this gives. Sensitive and oily skin though may find this enough.

This isn’t my perfect moisturiser and I don’t think I’d repurchase but I’m glad I gave it a try. If you have sensitive skin I would say it’s worth trying as I definitely found it very gentle.

Love Nicole xxxx

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