B. Pure Micellar Water

I love micellar waters as they are perfect for when you’re feeling lazy and want to get the majority of your makeup off without having to go to the sink. This is me most days. This particular micellar water is by the brand B. and is available at Superdrug.

b micellar cleansing water superdrug

It comes in a fantastic size 400ml bottle and is inexpensive with a full price of £4.49. It can often be found on offer too.

I love this micellar water and it’s my favourite one I’ve tried so far (I only buy cruelty free so ones from, for example, Garnier and Nivea are a no for me). It feels so lovely and refreshing and is not dehydrating at all. Sometimes I might come home and want to just get my makeup off asap but not do a proper cleanse until later on. This is perfect for that as I put it on some cotton pads and remove the majority of my makeup. Afterwards, it doesn’t leave my skin tight or dry so I can wait until later to do my full cleanse and moisturise etc. I will say I haven’t tried this at removing eye makeup so I don’t know how it performs with that.

Sometimes I’ll also use it in the mornings too, as a quick cleanse if I don’t want to use water at the sink. I must reiterate that you should still do a ‘proper’ cleanse after using this to remove makeup. By ‘proper’, I mean at the sink with warm water, a facial cleanser and a cloth. This ensures your skin is getting a really good clean rather than just removing the makeup. Micellar waters are amazing but they’re not to be used in isolation (unless used as a cleanse in the morning when you’re makeup free anyway).

Love Nicole xxx

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