Cruelty Free Perfumes

I wanted to share some of my favourite cruelty free fragrances and enlighten you to some of the brands that do not condone animal testing or sell in China. I must preface by saying I am rubbish at describing or understanding scents because I don’t know what a lot of fragrance components smell like individually! This post is more to maybe pique your interest and get you to go and smell these for yourself, that’s of course always the best way to know if it’s your kind of thing. πŸ˜‰

stella mccartney the body shop black musk red rosie for autograph perfume fragrance

Stella McCartney – Stella

This scent is very different to my usual tastes. To me, it’s definitely more of a night time fragrance as it’s quite heady and strong! Rose is the overriding scent I get from it but there are notes of peony and amber also. It lasts a reasonable amount of time on the skin but lasts especially well on clothing (my scarf holds this scent for ages).

Rosie for Autograph Eau de Parfum

I’ve looked up the notes of this and apparently its main note is also rose… But it smells very different to Stella. It is a lighter and fresher floral scent and much more suitable for daytime wear. It does not last particularly well but it is an affordable scent, available at Marks and Spencer for Β£14 for 30ml. I really like this scent and the bottle is very pretty with the rose gold!

The Body Shop Red Musk

I am gutted to see that this fragrance has either been discontinued or is out of stock as it’s so beautiful! Hopefully they will bring it back because it’s making me sad to use up my bottle. Reading the notes of this I wouldn’t think I would like this fragrance but I was so glad I smelt it in store one day! It is described as an aromatic spicy fragrance with a top note of pepper, middle note of cinnamon and base notes of tobacco and musk. It is warm, spicy and sweet but sultry. A gorgeous scent – I just wish it lasted longer on the skin. Please bring it back The Body Shop!

The Body Shop Black Musk

This one is my favourite out of the four, just beating Red Musk. This is for those who love a sweet, vanilla scent. Having said that, I don’t think it’s sickly sweet. The Body Shop website details “sweet notes of bambinella pear, pink pepper and bergamot are contrasted with the fierce black musk”. All that means nothing to me but if you like sweet or vanilla scents you must give this a sniff next time you’re near a Body Shop store!

If you’re looking to make your next perfume purchase a cruelty free one, definitely go and give these a sniff. Other brands I know do cruelty free fragrances are Lush and Pacifica. Marks and Spencer and Next have a big range also.

Please let me know in the comments if you have a favourite cruelty free fragrance! I’d definitely like to find more options.

Love Nicole xxxx

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