Boots Ingredients Super Hyaluronic Sheet Face Mask

Sheet masks came onto my radar in the last couple of years. I saw them as quite a treat as they usually came with a relatively high price tag considering they’re often single use. However, this one from Boots costs £2.50 which seemed quite reasonable and I thought it’d be worth a try!

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When I removed the mask from the sachet it was extremely soaked in the product and there was plenty of leftovers, either left in the sachet or dripping off the mask, so I made use of it by putting it all over my chest and arms. There was probably too much of the liquid if anything! The mask is nicely fragranced and was rather large for my face but it was easily positioned and it stayed in place well.

Once on my face I felt a slight sensation of stinging/burning. I didn’t find it overly intense and it didn’t make me feel like I needed to remove it, however, if you have sensitive skin you might find it too irritating and uncomfortable.

After about 20 minutes I removed the mask and needed to pat in the excess liquid. My skin felt slightly tacky, very soft, hydrated and plump. Visibly, my skin looked dewy and healthy but that’s probably a lot to do with the excess still sitting on the skin. Nonetheless, it did give a glow.

From consulting the ingredients list on the sachet, it appear to actually contain very little hyaluronic acid which is the desirable star ingredient and in the product’s name. This is disappointing and it is probably the glycerin doing most of the hydrating. FYI, ingredients are listed in order of amount.

I did like the effect this mask gave but I’d rather not experience any stinging sensation at all from a mask like this. Therefore, I’m not sure I would buy it again.

Love Nicole xxxx

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