PS… (Primark Beauty) Eye Makeup Remover

I’d not tried anything from ‘PS…’ by Primark before, aside from their cotton pads (which by the way, are really good), but I was in store one day and I saw they did an eye makeup remover which was just something that happened to be on my shopping list. It cost ยฃ1.50 for a 150ml bottle and looked like a dual-phase formula which in my experience are usually the best eye makeup removers. Dual phase products need to be shaken well before use.

PS... Primark Beauty eye makeup remover (2)

I had low expectations of this product to be honest, as I do for the beauty ranges of a lot of high-street clothing stores. Unfortunately, it was worse than I expected. In fairness, it does remove a lot of my eye makeup eventually if I hold a drenched cotton pad over my eye and then rub it over my lashes – but it does take quite a while to remove everything. This might not have been so bad were it not for how uncomfortable it is to use and how it creates a stinging feeling. As it says it contains cucumber this made me think it would be gentle and refreshing but it’s definitely not. It definitely stings when I use it but luckily it doesn’t cause any visible irritation or redness.

Due to the stinging feeling and it being slow to remove eye makeup I would not buy this again; my favourite eye makeup remover is still the B. Stubborn Makeup Remover.

Using this product does not give me much desire to try other PS… products but please let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of Primark’s beauty range and had a positive experience! I’m sure there are some excellent products in the range.

Love Nicole xxxx

2 Replies to “PS… (Primark Beauty) Eye Makeup Remover”

  1. I have the mini of this and it’s so bad! I love Primark but this burns my eyes! Some of their makeup is decent but it’s very hit and miss. I recommend their primer water and their highlighters but not sure I’ve tried much else from their skincare stuff. I don’t have high hopes!

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    1. It does burn! Definitely has put me off trying other things… But I don’t like to completely write off brands. The primer water sounds interesting, thanks! xx


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