Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Review

This ‘Perversion’ mascara is from Urban Decay and is currently priced at £19.50 (a price that has crept up over recent years). This was the first mascara I had tried from Urban Decay and I wanted to try it as it had good reviews and I like the brand.

urban decay perversion mascara blackurban decay perversion mascara black (2)

This mascara has a bristle type brush which is a uniformed shape. It took me a while to adjust to the brush as it’s quite chunky and I made a bit of a mess, but I got used to it and it was fine and distributed product well.

The formula was initially slightly watery but it thickened up a bit which made me like it more! I always find I like mascaras better after they’ve been used for a couple of weeks so have dried up a bit. This is likely because I love thick, voluminous lashes. I liked the effect this mascara gave. It is very black and gives thickness and volume as well as lengthening them. I don’t find it clumpy either so my lashes still had some definition and separation. I seem to apply tons of layers of mascara and spend a more than necessary amount of time applying it, however, I think you can get a good, voluminous effect from this with minimal time spent applying it.

I find it doesn’t feel heavy on my eye lashes and it doesn’t give a crispy feeling. It doesn’t flake on me or run so it’s suitable for all-day wear. The tube lasted a good length of time (about three/four months) with regular use before running out.

This mascara is really good and when writing this I realised that there’s not really all that much to dislike about it. However, it is pretty pricey and I don’t absolutely love using it. For me, the brush isn’t my ideal and that’s the main reason I probably won’t buy it again. Having said that it is still a very good mascara and I would recommend it if you like the look or sound of it!

Love Nicole xxxx

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