The Ordinary Serum and Coverage Foundation Reviews

These foundations from The Ordinary are priced at £5.70 for the Serum Foundation and £5.90 for the Coverage foundation. That is exceptionally affordable and puts them at a lower price than the majority of high street/drugstore brands. I was most drawn to trying the Coverage formulation however at these prices I thought I might as well give the Serum one a go too (and ended up preferring it)!

the ordinary colours colors serum coverage foundation review 1.1N 1.1P (2)

the ordinary colours colors serum coverage foundation review 1.1N 1.1P swatches
Serum Foundation 1.1P swatched, Serum blended out slightly, Coverage Foundation 1.1N swatch, Coverage blended slightly


The foundations both come in 21 shades and have a really good choice for pale, light and medium skins however for darker skin tones there is less choice so this is something they should work on. I bought the shade 1.1P in the Serum foundation and 1.1N in the Coverage foundation.

The bottles contain a standard 30ml of product and are nicely designed and pretty to look at. The pump is matte black and similar to Nars packaging, however, I seem to have broken the pump on the Serum foundation fairly easily by accident! I was twisting it and must have gone too far or something and now I can’t lock it. This isn’t really a big deal though unless I wanted to travel with it but it does raise a question mark over the quality of the pump.

Moving onto the foundations themselves, I will start with the Serum Foundation. The consistency is very runny and fluid and you definitely need to shake it well before use, which is does instruct on the bottle. It applies nicely with a beauty blender and actually provides far better coverage than I was expecting. You can achieve a light-medium coverage by building up layers and the result is very healthy looking and pretty. It has glow to it but is not excessively dewy on application, however, I do still powder afterwards. It lasts moderately well however it does get very shiny even on my normal skin. It slides around and if anything touches my face it leaves an indent or mark and lifts off slightly. It’s not too awful under glasses nose pads but it could be better. It’s not irrecoverable but because of the need to touch up I only like wearing this foundation on days where I’ll only be wearing makeup for less than 6 hours.

The Coverage Foundation was not as full coverage as I was expecting as it requires some building up to achieve a medium-full coverage that I’m happy with. I was disappointed at the finish of this foundation as I felt it made my skin look quite dry and provided a relatively matte finish which wasn’t flattering for me. The consistency of this is much thicker and creamier than the Serum foundation and feels pleasant to apply. I don’t like the way this foundation wears and it doesn’t last long enough. I found that after 6-7 hours the foundation had come off under the nose pads of my glasses, broken apart around my nostrils and on my forehead and faded on my chin. It still looked amazing on my cheeks and had only gone slightly shiny but overall it was not pretty. When I have worn this foundation in combination with The Ordinary’s High Adherence Silicone Primer (£3.90) I think the wear-time did increase slightly and it looked better for longer, however, I still don’t feel comfortable wearing this foundation on days where I’ll be out for over 4-5 hours.

These foundations had such a lot going for them. They are affordable, had great shades for my skin tone and contain physical SPF, not chemical. I was surprised at how I much preferred the Serum formula to the Coverage one. Unfortunately, neither had the performance to back up the positives and poor wear-time is a deal breaker for me.

Love Nicole xxxx

8 Replies to “The Ordinary Serum and Coverage Foundation Reviews”

    1. That’s cool to hear you’ve had a similar experience! I don’t reach for it at all but I am going to try and use it up over time on days where I don’t be out and about for long. Like you say, they’re pretty inexpensive so no biggie! xx


    1. Oh really! I was looking at that foundation the other day online but saw the reviews weren’t great so I probably won’t try it. That’s great the Primark one works for you! I’ve not tried any of their makeup before xx


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