Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

I got this deluxe mini Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner within the ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar 2017 (which btw was amazing and is definitely a beauty calendar to look out for each year). Full size, this product costs £16 and is available on ASOS and at other retailers. I’ve used this for around three months now so I can give a good review on it.

eyeko london skinny black liquid eye liner revieweyeko london skinny black liquid eye liner review (2)eyeko london skinny black liquid eye liner review (3)

This eyeliner is very black in colour which is great. I wouldn’t say it gives a completely matte finish but it’s definitely not shiny or glossy.

The nib is amazing and a great size as it can allow you to keep the line thin, as you would expect from an eyeliner called ‘skinny’. I like to keep my eyeliner ‘skinny’ so this is absolutely ideal for me. As it is a pen, application is super easy and the nib is soft so it doesn’t pull on your skin (unlike the BH Cosmetics Eye Liner I reviewed not long ago). It gives you great control over the thickness of the line so if you did want a thicker line I’m sure you could create one. I’ve not tried doing a flick with this eyeliner but I am confident it would do the job and it would only look bad because I’m rubbish at flicks!

Once applied, this eyeliner lasts all day and it doesn’t smudge or run. It is easy to remove with eye-makeup remover.

I really like this eyeliner and would definitely consider buying it again. It gives great pigment and the nib is really soft and easy to use.

Love Nicole xxxx

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