Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara in Black Review

This mascara from Stila ranges from £15-£18 depending on where you buy it. The tube is pretty with its gold colour and lash effect print. The brush is slightly hourglass in shape, curving inwards in the middle. This is a shape I like and I found it easy to use, however, it’s probably not the most ideal shape for bottom lashes (I use a separate mascara for bottom lashes).

stila huge lash extreme mascara black reviewstila huge lash extreme mascara black review (2)

I found this mascara to really thicken my lashes as well as lengthen them and I liked the overall voluminous effect it gave. It is more so thickening than defining but it is not clumpy. It builds up easily with multiple coats so you can achieve the thickness you want. The formula felt nice and it wasn’t heavy on my lashes and didn’t cause any damage or irritation. It stayed on well all-day with no flaking or smudging.

This was a nice mascara and I enjoyed using it because I liked the brush shape and the thickness it gave to my lashes. The only drawback is that it’s more expensive than I ideally like to spend on mascara, however, I wouldn’t write-off buying it again!

Love Nicole xxxx

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