The Ordinary “Buffet” – Multi-technology Peptide Anti-Aging Serum

The latest product from The Ordinary to be reviewed by me is “Buffet”, which is a multi-technology peptide serum that also contains hyaluronic acid. It is more expensive than other products from The Ordinary, priced between £12.70-£13.00, however, with all the fantastic ingredients in my opinion it is well worth it. It is formulated to have anti-aging benefits.

the ordinary buffet multi peptide serum technology deciem review

The consistency is quite a typical liquid serum feeling and it sinks in beautifully. It doesn’t leave behind a sticky feeling like their hyaluronic acid does. It layers well with other skincare products; I apply it second to last in my routine before moisturiser. It can be applied AM and PM; at the moment I’m generally just using it in the morning while I am using up another product in the evening. I use “Buffet” around my eyes too and it’s been absolutely fine and caused no irritation. I was hoping it might improve some of the lines around my eyes which it unfortunately hasn’t done, however, I was having problems with dryness around my eyes which it has helped to improve considerably!

It feels super hydrating after application and I definitely think it does a great job at keeping my skin in good condition and alleviating dehydration. I can’t say it’s made a dramatic visible difference to my skin other than my skin looking healthy with a bit of a sheen. As far as anti-aging goes, I can’t really comment as I am using this with the aim of prevention rather than cure as I am only 24.

I really like this product and have already purchased it a number of times. I can see myself continually repurchasing it and am not sure what could tempt me away. It is a great price for a serum with such great ingredients, it hydrates beautifully, feels pleasant to use and it is hopefully helping to prevent signs of aging. I can’t ask for much more from a single product!

Love Nicole xxxx

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