LUNA Play by Foreo Review

I got this little device in the ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar 2017. It was one of the products I was most excited about trying as I’d never tried any type of cleansing tool before. The LUNA Play by Foreo costs £29 and is widely available online.

The LUNA Play is a sonic face cleanser that is about the size of a cotton pad. It basically vibrates and pulses and you apply your face cleanser and then massage over your skin with the device. If you’re interested in the finer details and science behind this product you can read up on it on the Foreo website. In this review though, I want to keep it as succinct as possible and talk about my experience.

foreo luna play orange cleansing brush review

I found the LUNA Play easy to use. You simply press the button on the back once, then go about with moving it over your face for 1 minute, then press again to turn the device off. It is small but I didn’t find it too fiddly. It’s actually quite fun to use and the vibration on your skin feels nice and quite relaxing. I also think that using a device like this prompts you to spend more time cleansing and massaging your face, which can only be a positive thing on the quest to good skin.

The LUNA Play is non-rechargeable and claims to live for up to 100 uses. I would agree with that; I used it over a period of three months, using it most evenings and some mornings so it probably did last around 100 uses. Having non-rechargeable devices like this is obviously not ideal but they can apparently be fairly easily recycled. The LUNA Play and its affordable price point seems to be a kind of introductory product that allows people to try out a Foreo brush without investing lots of £££s in one of their rechargeable offerings.

Now for the most important bit: does it makes a difference? In my experience, no, not really. I didn’t notice it made any drastic difference to my skin. Reading all the science and information behind the product, I can accept it may have some positive impact and assist in cleansing the skin more thoroughly than just using your hands. However, after using it for three months and getting to the end of the battery life, I can’t say over that time that it did all that much. Despite that, I wouldn’t say never to buying one of Foreo’s rechargeable products in the future. While it might not have made a huge difference to the way my skin looked, I did very much enjoy using it and I liked the way it felt and how it made me pay more time and attention to the cleansing of my face.

Overall, would I buy this again? No, not the LUNA Play specifically as I think this should only really be bought to try out a Foreo brush on the cheap. If you like it then I believe you should then invest in a rechargeable one which does cost more money (you can see the whole range of devices here). I may in the far off future invest in one myself but my skin is not really missing it right now.

Love Nicole xxxx

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