First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Pure Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 40

With the sun finally showing its face in the UK, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re wearing sun protection. This moisturiser with SPF 40 from First Aid Beauty will set you back ยฃ28 but if you shop around and use discount codes you’ll be able to get it for less.

The main reason I first bought this was that I was looking around for SPF moisturisers that use only mineral/physical SPF. This one has both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to provide you with UVA and UVB protection. Mineral/physical SPFs are generally better for sensitive skin and I like that they’re natural. Read more about the differences between chemical and physical/mineral sunscreens on Beautiful with Brains and do your own research. After doing my own I’m really put off chemical sunscreen hence my search to find good mineral ones! There aren’t as many out there as there are chemical ones, especially on the cheaper end of the market.

first aid beauty ultra repair pure mineral sunscreen spf 40 moisturiser

This product is a very thick, velvety consistency and some might be put off by this as it’s pretty white and scary initially, however, it spreads easily and sinks in fairly quickly. I’ve not found it leaves a white caste but darker skin tones might notice an effect. I notice that it gathers a little bit in my eyebrows as they’re dark but I kind of just brush and rub a bit where it’s noticeable and that sorts it out.

I love how nourishing and soothing this moisturiser is. It’s really emollient and I love that this is such a good moisturiser as well as having the amazing sun protection. Some might find it greasy at first but I love the way it feels and find it very pleasant to use. I feel that any ‘greasiness’ dissipates in minutes as it settles down. I find makeup sits well on top of it and it’s good as a base if you don’t use a separate primer. The finish isn’t matte or dewy/shiny, it’s natural and skin like. On a day when I’m not wearing makeup I like how healthy and plump it makes my skin look!

A note on skin type, I have fairly normal skin and I think dry skin would enjoy this too. Those with oily skin might find it a bit rich but it may still be worth a try.

The tube is 56.7g which is not a bad size, but I do find I get through it quicker than other mineral SPF moisturisers I have reviewed (Skinceuticals and Paula’s Choice). I think this is down to the product being so thick. Despite not lasting as long, it’s still the nicest texture and most nourishing out of the three so I’m happy to repurchase it.

Overall, I love this product and think it’s an amazing mineral SPF moisturiser to use every day. I’ve bought it three times now so that tells you all you need to know! I’m a big fan.

Love Nicole xxxx

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