Noughty Haircare: Care Taker Scalp Soothing Shampoo and To the Rescue Moisture Boost Conditioner

Noughty are a cool brand that are cruelty free, 97% natural and don’t use parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates or silicones. I bought these two to try when Superdrug had an offer on. I like to buy shampoos that have some kind of benefit for the scalp as I am very prone to itchy scalp and sometimes dandruff. I think this may be because I like to go 4-5 days between hair washes and use a fair amount of dry shampoo to get me from wash to wash.

For conditioner, I like something really nourishing and hydrating, usually aimed at dry or damaged hair. My hair is actually in good condition but I want to make sure it stays that way so I like to go for these kind of products anyway!

noughty care taker scalp soothing shampoo to the rescue moisture conditioner

The Care Taker Shampoo (£6.99) is aimed at sensitive and dandruff prone hair and scalps. It’s nice enough to use, it has a pleasant scent and was very gentle. It’s hard to say for sure if it did or didn’t do anything but it’s not a bad product. I tried shampooing twice and then on the second time leaving it on my hair for a few minutes before rinsing to allow it to do something and I think this was the best way to reap any benefits. I think this did slightly improve the itchiness of my scalp in the following days.

The conditioner I tried was the To the Rescue conditioner (6.99) which claims to rescue dry, frizzy and damaged hair. This again, was a nice product which did the job of conditioning my hair and making it feel and look healthy. It’s not the most nourished or hydrated my hair has ever felt but then this doesn’t contain any silicones that can help give you that superficial feeling. So when I think about it like that, this does a great job at making my hair feel lovely and I know it actually is feeling genuinely lovely and I’m not being fooled by silicone.

I’ll admit I was not wowed by these products, but then when it comes to haircare I’m rarely ever wowed! My hair is its natural colour having never been dyed and I don’t use too much heat on it, just a hair dryer and a bit of straightening of the front bits, so it’s not exactly high maintenance. I would definitely consider buying these again and trying other products from Noughty.

Love Nicole xxxx

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