Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit Review

This Sun Dipped Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills is beautiful to look at. It contains four powder highlighters and costs £41.

To my shame, I actually hardly used this kit for the first 6 or so months of owning it. I was reaching for other highlighters more often as they were easier to grab with the way I store my makeup. However, in the past couple of months I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to really use this palette and give it a good try out! The following swatches are finger swatches rather than with a brush.

anastasia beverly hills sundipped glow palette abh (2) review

anastasia beverly hills sundipped glow palette abh swatches (2) review

anastasia beverly hills sundipped glow palette abh swatches review

I’m so happy to find I like it and it gives the most beautiful metallic glow! It adds this beautiful wet look to your cheekbones and it’s so pretty. For my skin tone, only the shades Moonstone and Summer can really be used as highlighters so these are the two I use the most. Moonstone is my favourite and it’s absolutely beautiful! I’ve used the shade Bronzed as an eye shadow and it was able to be built up to a super pigmented look. I think it was actually a bit too shimmery though and I probably wouldn’t build it up that much if I was to use it again. I love the colour of Tourmaline but I think the only way I could use it would also be as an eye shadow… I haven’t tried that yet but I definitely need to.

The value of this palette is actually pretty good when you consider you’re getting four colours and you can find lots of single high-end highlighters costing you £30+. However, the flip side of this is that you may not actually use all the colours in this so is it really worth it? Like with me for instance, I will likely use Summer and Moonstone regularly but may hardly touch the other two shades.

This palette is beautiful to look at and the powders are a lovely quality. The finish is beautiful, giving a wet look metallic gleam! My only question mark over this palette is the combination of colours, which lend themselves to differing skin tones meaning one person will not be able to use all of them as highlighters.

Love Nicole xxxx

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