RCMA No-Colour Powder

When Beauty Bay started stocking RCMA there was one product I really wanted to finally try. The No-Color Powder (I hate writing colour like that, it’s so wrong!) was a product I’d seen KathleenLights rave about on numerous occasions and I think she’s fab so naturally I wanted to try it. On Beauty Bay it’ll cost you £13, which is a decent price considering how much product you get in the pot. It lasts a looong time.

RCMA the original No Color powder colour

First things first, it has to be said that the packaging sucks. It’s so messy. I do expect a certain amount of mess when using a loose powder but the packaging could definitely be better in order to minimise mess. You have to tip some product out, either into the lid or on your hand, and then apply with a brush. This set up isn’t great for when you need to tap off excess product from your brush and I feel like I waste more than is necessary.

The powder is translucent but it does look super white when in the tub. I’ve not experienced any white caste from it or noticed it making me look paler than I am but of course I can’t speak for darker skin tones. It’s possible it might show up a bit but hopefully it wouldn’t be noticeable if you only use a small dusting, which is all you need.

I like the finish this powder gives my skin, however it is important to only use a light layer as otherwise it can be prone to caking up. I find it sets my makeup really well and definitely helps it to stay in place all day. As a powder it obviously does mattify but I like that it doesn’t make my skin look completely matte and lifeless and it doesn’t look dry or aging. It generally is just really perfecting on my skin and is a fabulous setting powder. Other powder products go on top of it great too.

Overall, I think this is a really great setting powder and it provides good value for money. The main drawback is the packaging. If it could be repackaged to something more practical and user-friendly it would be hard to find fault with!

Love Nicole xxxx

3 Replies to “RCMA No-Colour Powder”

  1. I am a complete newbie to setting powders, they sound so useful in the summer to keep your makeup in place 😀 this sounds like such a great number to invest in, minus the packaging haha! Loved your review! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)


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