May Book: Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge

The only book I read this month was a non-fiction book which is very unusual for me! When it comes to reading it’s usually a no-brainer that I pick a fiction book but I’m more open-minded to reading non-fiction now.

This book is about the entire history of makeup which I thought sounded fascinating being a beauty lover and slightly nerdy person in some respects ๐Ÿ˜‰ . I finally got around to reading all of it after dipping in and out of it since I received it as a gift for Christmas in 2015.

face paint lisa eldridge the history of makeup book review non fictionface paint lisa eldridge the history of makeup book review non fiction (2)face paint lisa eldridge the history of makeup book review non fiction (5)face paint lisa eldridge the history of makeup book review non fiction (4)

It’s an interesting, if sometimes repetitive, read. It naturally covers lots of women’s history which is fascinating and at times shocking. You learn all about how beauty ideals have changed throughout history and how attitudes to makeup have changed and evolved. It also shares in depth insight into what women used to make cosmetics hundreds of years ago, some of which we now know are highly toxic! There’s also pages of ‘Makeup Muses’ which look at individuals and how they influenced and impacted beauty ideals and makeup during their lives and beyond. Some of these people I’d never heard of but most I was aware of. They included people like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Meena Kumari and Amy Winehouse.

It covers the period where makeup began to be mass produced and the industry and competition began to grow. This was so interesting as it taught me the history of brands and entrepreneurs I had heard of, such as Max Factor, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder and Revlon.

There’s some gorgeous photography and makeup looks too, which is always nice to appreciate, as well as old school, vintage adverts that were used.

I found this book really interesting and I can appreciate the amount of work and research that would have to have gone into this! My only gripe was repetition in Section 1 where it felt like I was re-reading the same information again and again, just worded slightly differently. That’s not a big deal though and not something that should put someone off reading it. If you like makeup/beauty and I guess probably if you have an interest in history too, then it’s definitely worth reading.

Love Nicole xxxx

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