Affordable/Drugstore Setting and Fixing Sprays Under £10 | 3ina, Barry M, MUA, E.L.F

When it comes to makeup I’m always searching for value for money and looking for affordable gems. The Urban Decay setting sprays might be popular but do you really need to fork out £24 for a fancy spray? In this post I’m going to share my thoughts on four makeup setting/fixing sprays that cost under £10.

3ina setting spray mua fixing mist barry m dewy elf under £10 drugstore affordable makeup review (2)

3ina Fixing Spray 3 in 1 – £8.95 for 100ml

This fixing spray offers fantastic value as you’re getting a decent size bottle that actually lasts a good amount of time. The pump on this was great as it released a fine mist that was consistent and didn’t soak my face or cause any droplets. It helped to meld my makeup together and to look a bit more natural. It’s not a mattifying spray, instead it gave a slight glow that I found made me look a bit shiny as the day went on. This wasn’t ideal, however, even though I got a bit shiny my makeup did stay in place.

MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist – £5 for 60ml

I really liked the formula of this! I liked the way it made my makeup look: melded together, non-cakey and neither shiny nor matte. I think it may have helped a bit to extend wear, but it’s always hard for me to judge this as my makeup lasts quite well in general as I don’t have oily skin. My main issue with this was that I wasn’t a fan of the pump. I felt it sprayed out quite directly and harshly, rather than a nice ‘mist’. If I bought it again I would decant it into another bottle with a pump that I liked; for example an empty bottle of Natures Alchemist Hydrating Facial Mist.

Barry M Flawless Mist & Fix Makeup Setting Spray Dewy Finish – £4.99 for 50ml

This setting spray from Barry M is a very nice affordable option! The pump on it is very good, delivering a fine mist. The bottle is quite small and I got through it pretty quickly so it is one you would have to repurchase often. Despite being called ‘dewy finish’ I didn’t find it exceptionally dewy which for me was a good thing. I don’t like being completely matte but I don’t like being super shiny or dewy either and I found this a good in-between. I’m not sure if it extended the wear of my makeup much but it did make my makeup look nice and took down any powderiness. I’ve bought it twice now so I liked it enough to repurchase.

e.l.f. Makeup Fixing Mist & Setting Spray – £5 for 60ml

This one is my least favourite of the bunch, mainly because the pump sucked. It didn’t always spray nicely and I often found it would kind of spurt out and deliver large droplets onto the skin, which is not what you want! When it did spray out okay it was good and, like with all of these sprays, it made my makeup look nice and took down any cakiness. However, there was just something about the formula that seemed inferior to the others mentioned in this post.

I’d repurchase the ones from 3ina, MUA and Barry M but would not buy the e.l.f one again. Formula-wise, I think my favourite would be the MUA one so it’s disappointing that the pump is bad. However, that can easily be overcome if you tip it into another bottle with a pump that you like!

Love Nicole xxxx

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