No7 Midnight Lash Mascara

This mascara from No7 is available at Boots for £13.50. The packaging is so pretty with the glitter effect and it definitely enticed me to try it out.

no7 midnight lash mascara boots review (2)no7 midnight lash mascara boots review

On first use, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed as I struggled to get the level of volume I like for my lashes; I like as much volume as possible! It also left me wanting in terms of length. However, I wasn’t going to just write it off as I know I usually come to like mascaras more once they’ve dried out a bit.

Once it had dried out and thickened up I found it much better. I was able to achieve a good level of volume that I was very happy with. I found it gave a fluttery effect to my lashes that was super pretty! It still didn’t give much extra in terms of length but luckily for me my lashes are a reasonable length anyway so it did have something to work with naturally. This is a mascara you can choose to build up, like I do, to be bordering on clumpy or you can be quite light handed and just achieve some separation and colour. The colour of this is very black.

boots no7 midnight lash mascara review cropped

It lasts all day and I didn’t have any problems with smudging or running. It also didn’t feel heavy or too crispy on my lashes. The brush is quite unusual and took some getting used to with the narrower tip, however, I found this feature quite useful when working to build up my outer lashes.

This mascara turned out to be pretty good thankfully, however, I’m not sure I would buy it again. It’s fairly expensive at £13.50 and I’m very fickle with mascaras, usually opting to try a different one each time as I love trying out new products, and there was nothing I absolutely loved about this mascara that would make me rush to repurchase it. It was nice though and the packaging is gorgeous.

Love Nicole xxxx

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