Pacifica Island Vanilla Perfume

I wanted to try out some perfume from this brand as I was searching for cruelty free fragrances. Pacifica is a vegan and cruelty free brand that in the UK you can buy via websites such as Feel Unique and Naturisimo. This fragrance is called Island Vanilla and a 28ml bottle is priced at £20.

pacifica island vanilla perfume review cruelty free

The bottle itself is pretty basic but it’s cute and the box it came inside was beautifully patterned. For an affordable perfume I wasn’t expecting a super luxurious bottle.

I took a risk ordering this as I hadn’t smelt it beforehand. I generally seem to quite like vanilla-y scents so I thought I might like this one. The smell of this, to me, is very strong, very sweet and very heavy. It is definitely a strong vanilla scent but it smells very synthetic too and is rather one dimensional. I’ve read that there is a honey scent to it too and I can pick up on that.

Unfortunately, I don’t like it. I’d prefer it if it had some lighter, fresher notes to it so it wasn’t so heavy. If I was into layering fragrances maybe it could make a nice base fragrance…but I’m yet to get into that.

I haven’t found it to be a long lasting scent, however, for the first couple of hours of wear it is very strong and noticeable by others around you. After this, it dissipates completely.

I would not buy this again as I really don’t like it, however, I would still be interested in trying other fragrances from Pacifica. Maybe next time I’ll buy a body lotion or candle of a fragrance first just to see if I like it!

If you have an cruelty free perfume recommendations, please leave me a comment with them below! I’d love to know.

Love Nicole xxxx

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