COOLA Mineral Sunscreen Cucumber Matte Finish SPF 30

I am on a quest to try out as many mineral/physical face SPF’s as possible, within reason. If they’re over about £35 then I’ll pass. In fact, this one from COOLA costs £36 from Cult Beauty (it’s available for less on other sites) and I only bought it because they had a 15% discount at the time. I’d heard some positive things about this brand so I wanted to try it out.

coola mineral face spf 30 moisturizer moisturiser cucumber matte finish suncreen sunblock natural protection review


The first time I used this product it pilled and balled up like crazy on my face which was so disappointing and annoying! I just about managed to rectify it but I knew next time I used it I’d have to be careful with what products I was using underneath it and how I applied it. So this is something to be aware of; there may possibly be problems when layering with other products. This is probably because this product is very high on silicone. This means it’s lovely and smooth on the skin but pilling is a definite possibility.

My skincare routine before applying this now is cleanser, liquid exfoliant, face mist and then a hydrating serum. Before applying this SPF, I then go and thoroughly wash my hands to get rid of any leftover product used previously. I think this helps massively and also that bit of time in between allows the serum to completely sink in to the skin to reduce the likelihood of pilling. I then apply it gently, being careful not to rub too much. Since doing this, the times it has balled up are far less frequent and it goes on very nicely. Additionally, you do need to give this a good shake, as instructed on the tube, before use.

Due to all the silicone, it goes on to the skin very smoothly and leaves the skin looking matte and not at all greasy. Despite being a matte finish, it isn’t drying or dehydrating at all. This type of finish means it makes an excellent base for makeup and I’ve not had any problems with it pilling under makeup, however, I do always have at least half an hour between applying this and then applying my makeup. It doesn’t leave a white caste on the skin either. It does cling a bit to dry patches, which I discovered when I had a dry nose from using lots of tissues due to hay fever!

It has a faint cucumber scent which I think is quite nice and refreshing. It’s not caused me any irritation and in fact I think it’s a very gentle product. The tube is 50ml which is a reasonable amount, especially as I don’t find myself using lots each time as it spreads out well. I think it offers good protection from the sun and it says on the tube it is water resistant for up to 40 minutes so it would be good for holidays when you’re in and out of the pool.

Once I’d found a way to reduce the risk of pilling, I did enjoy using this SPF overall. However, I’m not 100% sure I would buy it again as it does still sometimes pill and that’s just darn annoying! Especially when it’s an expensive product.

Love Nicole xxxx


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