Glossier Solution Review

Glossier Solution is sold as an “exfoliating skin perfector” and costs £19 for 130ml. It contains a combination of AHA, BHA and PHA acids. A product like this slots into your skincare routine after cleansing and before serums, moisturisers and oils.

glossier solution review liquid exfoliant exfoliator aha bha pha

To look at, the bottle is gorgeous, as you would expect from Glossier. The packaging is very hygienic as it is the type of pump where you put a cotton pad on top and push down and it dispenses into the cotton pad.

The BHA salicylic acid is only 0.5% of the formula which is not enough for it to really work its magic on spots/acne. It should be at least 1%, ideally 2%. The AHA lactic acid is the highest concentration acid in the formula followed by another AHA, glycolic acid, then the PHA gluconolactone.

The formula is not very ‘wet’ feeling, which sounds weird but hopefully you’ll understand what I mean if you’ve tried it. I find I need at least three pumps onto a cotton pad to feel like I can get any meaningful distribution on my skin. It has quite a strong astringent scent to it.

I’ve found this product to feel quite harsh on the skin, it’s nothing too dramatic but it does feel harsher than other chemical exfoliators I have tried. Despite this, it hasn’t dried my skin out or irritated it, although I think it would do if you have very sensitive skin.

I used this product AM and PM and I haven’t noticed a tangible improvement in my skin. I believe it has helped to keep my skin in reasonable condition, however, I think other chemical exfoliants have done a better job and kept my skin clearer of blemishes (read My Favourite Chemical Exfoliants). I have had more spots when using this than when I was using my previous chemical exfoliant which leads me to believe this one is less effective. They’ve also taken longer to clear up.

Glossier Solution isn’t terrible… I just think there are better chemical exfoliants and ones that I enjoy using more as this wasn’t very enjoyable to use, it just didn’t feel very nice. Therefore I probably wouldn’t buy it again, unless of course they were to re-formulate it!

Love Nicole xxxx

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