Lee Stafford Choco Locks Conditioner and Butter Cream Treatment Review

I love chocolate so I was really excited when I saw this range from Lee Stafford. It definitely smells very much like chocolate, it mostly reminds me of chocolate milkshake! It’s a strong scent and it does linger in your hair which I don’t mind but I’m sure some people would find it too much.

lee stafford choco locks hair conditioner reviewlee stafford choco locks chocolate butter cream treatment hair mask masque review

I have tried the conditioner and the butter cream treatment (which is basically a hair mask). These retail for £6.99 and £7.99 respectively and they are often available in 3 for 2 offers at Boots.

Both of these products were lovely and left my hair soft, smooth and nourished. I didn’t notice a huge difference between the intensity of the two. I was expecting the butter cream treatment to be more extreme but I actually preferred the conditioner as I loved the smooth texture.

If you’re a chocolate lover and like the idea of hair products that smell like chocolate then give these a try!

Love Nicole xxxx

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