Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Review (Fair 1)

If you haven’t already tried Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer, then you really need to. It currently retails for £4.19 so is very affordable and it happens to be a brilliant and reliable concealer.

collection lasting perfection concealer fair 1 ultimate wear 16 hour reviewcollection lasting perfection concealer fair 1 review swatch

It is a liquid concealer and comes in a 6.5ml tube with a doe foot applicator. The formula is a creamy liquid, neither too fluid or thick. It is very easy to blend and a high coverage can be achieved.

Under the eyes, I find it performs really well and lasts all day. After applying and blending it (always with a Beauty Blender), I let it crease in the lines underneath my eyes. I then press my ring finger in the areas it has creased to melt them away. Doing this reduces creasing that would have happened otherwise throughout the day. I do this with all my concealers and it helps a lot to prevent creasing. I don’t set underneath my eyes with powder because I think it looks awful and it really ages me! If anything, I think powder just accentuates concealer creasing when it does happen. This concealer lasts really well without being set so honestly, you don’t need the powder!

The only real negative to this concealer is that it has a very poor shade range. Considering the success Collection have had with this concealer and how popular it is, I’m surprised they haven’t capitalised and introduced a wider and more inclusive range of shades.

If you can find a shade in this range, then I definitely recommend trying this concealer. I’ve re-purchased this countless times and will continue to do so. It’s a concealer I know I can trust and rely on.

Love Nicole xxxx

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