Jordana Complete Cover Maximum Coverage 2 In 1 Concealer & Foundation

The first product I’ve ever tried from the brand Jordana, this is their Complete Cover 2 in 1 Concealer and Foundation. It costs a very affordable £5 for a 30ml tube and is available from Beauty Bay.

The consistency is very thick and creamy and when applied it has a tackiness to it. I went for shade 01 Fair Beige, which is supposed to be for ‘fair skin with yellow undertone’ and it definitely has a very yellow undertone! It does look a bit ‘off’ on me but I can just about make it work.

jordana complete cover maximum coverage 2 in 1 concealer and foundation reviewjordana complete cover maximum coverage 2 in 1 concealer and foundation review swatch 01 fair beige (2)

From the name and the consistency, I was of course expecting immediate full coverage. However, this was not the case. It actually required quite a lot of building up to achieve full coverage as my redness and blemishes were still showing through after the first layer. It is also quite streaky so is definitely best applied diligently with a damp beauty sponge. With perseverance though, a near full coverage can be achieved.

With this coverage though comes a very heavy and very made up look. It is not subtle or remotely natural looking, especially true for me with this shade which, when built up to full coverage, looks very yellow/orange! The finish leans more towards matte but it is not flat or powdery. Unfortunately, I found that it settled into my pores which is a major downside for me.

With wear throughout the day, I found this foundation caked up and went patchy in areas. It did stay on my face for the most part, although it broke up in the normal oily areas like the forehead and chin and it almost completely came off the tip of my nose (I have normal skin but obviously I do still get oiliness in the T-Zone as the day goes on). I also suspect some further oxidisation resulting in an even more orange appearance!

As you can probably gather from this review, I’m not too impressed with this foundation. It may be cheap but if it’s not good then it doesn’t matter how cheap it is. It’s not absolutely terrible and for a few hours wear with a lighter hand, it can do okay. However, it’s not a product I would buy again or recommend.

Love Nicole xxxx

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