The Body Shop Banana Body Care Range

I was SO SO excited when I saw this range teased on The Body Shop’s Instagram page. It took what felt like forever for it to finally become available on the UK site but when it did I was straight on there placing an order. I just love banana everything, to taste and to smell. The Body Shop already had a banana hair care range (which is beautiful) but in this summer launch they released a body butter, body yogurt and shower cream.

In the rest of the post I’m quoting the full price of these products, however, The Body Shop are always running some kind of discount so you’ll never have to actually pay the full price.

the body shop banana shower cream body butter body yogurt yoghurt review (2)the body shop banana shower cream body butter body yogurt yoghurt review

The shower cream costs £6 for a 250ml bottle. It smells glorious (as does the whole range) and it lathers up beautifully without feeling drying on the skin. I mean, all shower gels do the job of washing your body, so the main thing that makes me pick a body wash product is the scent, and this is a scent I love.

The banana body butter costs £15 for a 200ml tub or you can get a mini 50ml tub for £6. This stuff is so thick and creamy and wonderful to use. It’s super nourishing and hydrating. It can be slightly greasy and take a while to sink in so it’s more one for the evening before bed than the morning. If you want something that sinks in more quickly then that leads me beautifully onto the next product…

The body yogurt costs £8.50 for a 200ml tub and is a formula that has been out in various other scents for a while. I’d not really been interested in it because I thought it probably wouldn’t be that hydrating and I’m a body butter gal at heart. However, when I saw they’d released a banana one I thought I might as well try it as I knew I’d adore the scent. I have been very pleasantly surprised with this formula; it’s pretty amazing! It’s a cool gel-like consistency that is cooling and fun to apply and sinks in super quickly without leaving behind any slipperiness that’s going to prevent you from getting dressed. It can be applied straight from the shower on damp skin or just on dry skin. Despite being super lightweight I do believe it gives hydration and helps to keep my skin in good condition.

I LOVE this range so much and I really hope it becomes permanent! On the website it’s described as ‘special edition’ which I’m hoping is just referring to the packaging rather than it being a limited edition range… I’d be sad if I was not able to repurchase these products!

Love Nicole xxxx

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